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We defined a set of practices to be implemented in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, in order to prevent the proliferation of the disease and to create clean and safe spaces. The objective is to respond to the recommendations of official entities, such as DGS and OMS, allowing employees and customers to live together in a healthy way.

Without reducing the hospitality that characterizes us and the support we provide to all our customers, we reinforce the already recognized quality standard, where we highlight the following measures:
  • We improved our already effective techniques for cleaning equipment after each rental. With special focus on surfaces and accessories where there is a greater likelihood of contact by its users.
  • In the same way, hygiene measures were reinforced with the use of more effective disinfection products.
  • All employees are properly protected, with disposable material and prepared to serve the customer with all the necessary safety and confidence rules and with the minimum possible contact.

If you have any questions related to the hygiene and safety measures adopted by gobabygrow, you can access our COVID-19 Internal Protocol, or contact us by email:

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